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Warmly congratulate the far optical cable for winn

2018-08-20 291 News and Media

On the morning of August 9, the "2008 Guangdong Top 500 Enterprises, Excellent Independent Brand Announcement Conference" sponsored by Guangdong Enterprise Federation and Guangdong Entrepreneurs Association was held in Guangdong Hall of Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center. Vice governor Chen Liangxian attended the conference and delivered a speech. Guangdong far light cable industry Co., Ltd. was awarded the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong in 2018.


The theme of this conference is "leading the era of high-quality development of big enterprises". The new ranking shows that the scale, quality and efficiency of Guangdong's large-scale enterprises have been further improved, and they are becoming the main force to promote high-quality development in Guangdong.

Since the founding of Yuanguang Cable in 1988, the founder of the board chairman Cai Zhongguang insisted on the code of conduct for enterprises that only do national standard products, relying on products that meet national standards and quality requirements to win the trust of customers and society. Over the past five years, Yuanyuan Cable has invested 15 million yuan annually to upgrade its products, and has realized the transformation and upgrade from manufacturing low-end civil cables to high-end cable products.

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