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2018-08-23 317 News and Media

In order to further create a good social atmosphere of "honorable trustworthiness and shameful dishonesty" and to lay a solid foundation for the construction of Qingyuan's spiritual civilization, the 2008 Qingyuan Honesty Red and Black List and the "Trustworthiness beyond Qingyuan" Honesty Construction Series were launched in Qingyuan City Square on the morning of 22, sponsored by the Municipal Civilization Office, the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau. Qi Huahai, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee and director of the Municipal Civilization Office, unveiled the "Qingyuan Honesty Promise". Guangdong far light industrial Co., Ltd. is invited to attend the event.

Yuanguang Company, as a representative of honesty and credit enterprise, read out "Qingyuan honesty and credit promise word" and submitted a letter of honesty and credit management responsibility to the Municipal Civilization Office.

(front row right three is Zhong Weijian, assistant general manager of Guang Guang company)

Far Optical Cable is "two consecutive national contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprises, Guangdong Province for 16 consecutive years contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprises, 2013-2017 five consecutive years Guangdong Province credit demonstration enterprises..." Faith has always been accompanied by the growth of Far Light. "The bigger the company, the bigger the ambition, the greater the responsibility." Chairman Cai Zhongguang said that no matter how far the development and growth of Yuanguang, the brand values Yuanguang has always adhered to for 30 years can not be changed, that is, "honesty, pragmatism, high quality and efficiency".

In the past 30 years, Yuanyuang Cable has insisted on making only national standard products and regarding quality as the "lifeline" of enterprise development. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, Yuanyuang still keeps its original intention, insists on taking social responsibility, and makes products satisfying and reassuring to consumers.