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450/750V 1core X 6sqmm Copper Conductor PVC Insulated Electrical Wire for Home and Office

450/750V 1core X 6sqmm Copper Conductor PVC Insulated Electrical Wire for Home and Office


Key Technical Parameter
60227 IEC 01(BV)  GB/T5023-2008

cross- section
Upper limit Of O.D.         
 resistance at 20ºC
at 70ºC
ampacity A
 of cable
1.50 13.2 12.10.011 2520.0 
1.50 23.3 12.10.010 2521.5 
2.50 13.9 7.410.010 3431.8 
2.50 24.0 7.410.009 3434.8 
4.00 14.4 4.610.0085 4446.8 
4.00 24.6 4.610.0077 4450.3 
6.00 15.0 3.080.0070 5866.50 
6.00 25.2 3.080.0065 5871.00 
1026.7 1.830.0065 79116.0 
1627.8 1.150.0050 111180
2529.7 0.7270.0050 146277
35210.9 0.5240.0040 180375
50212.8 0.3870.0045 282536
70214.6 0.2680.0035 281706
95217.1 0.1930.0035 344977
120218.8 0.1530.0032 3971231
150220.9 0.1240.0032 4561503
185223.3 0.09910.0032 5191870
240226.6 0.07540.0032 5922457
300229.6 0.06010.0030 6853053
400233.2 0.0470 0.0028 7993948

Why choose Vango Cable CO.?

As the leading supplier in power acble& electric wire industry for more than 30 years, we have our own excellent production facilities such as casting equipments, wire-drawing machines and wire-twisting machines and endruters and 540 employees including over 116 intermediate and senior technical personnel with 9 senior titles which contributes strong power of scientific research, management and innovation. In order to achieve strict source control, we purchase high-purity copper and aluminum ingot and adopt advanced processing technique.Our ambition is provide high quality products at competitive price to our customers.

Our success is a result of quality, safer and caring for people and the environment. We have excellent sewage treatment system and industrial waste gas processing equipment. As a responsible enterprise, we've dedicatded in create a healthy environment and contribute to the construction of environmental-friendly society

1. Are you a trading company or manufacture? 
We are a wire and cable Manufacturer with 30 years history almostly, our factory located in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province, China.  

2. What is your main product?
As one of leading cable manufacturers in China, we are specialized in power cables with rated voltage up to 35kV, common type, fire-resistance and flame retardant PVC cable with voltage up to 1kV, control cable of 450/750V, PVC insulated cable and wire, AAC, ACSR, ACSR/AS, heat-resistant Aluminum Alloy Conductor and aerial insulated cable up to 35kV, which covers 8 series with more than 3000 items.

3. Can you offer me a free sample?
 Yes, we can. sample is free but the freight charge should be borne by you.
4.How is the payment?
T/T, L/C is acceptable.
5. What is the lead time for mass production?
It depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Normally within 1 month.

6.Do you accept OEM or ODM?
Yes, we accept OEM and ODM. Your logo and company name can be printed on our products.

7.Do you have after-sale service?
Yes, 12 months warranty.  



450/750V 1core X 6sqmm Copper Conductor PVC Insulated Electrical Wire for Home and Office