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Development Milestones


1988, Guangdong Vango Cable Industry Co., Ltd. was established.

1989, Registered the trademark of "Guang".

2000, ACSR-720/50 passed the evaluation of Machinery Industry Bureau and State Grid. Vango Cable became the main conductors of Transmiting Westen Power to East Project.

2001, Obtained ISO9001:2000, China Metrology Accreditation and CCC certificate, joined China Electronic Supervision System of Qaulity

2003, Awarded as Guangdong Famous Product and National Inspection Exemption

2004 Mar., Honored as Guangdong Famous Brand.

2004 Oct., Awarded as Chinese Outstanding Private Technology Enterpris.

2005 Mar., Recognized as Guangdong Provincial-level Technical Center

2005 Sept., Awarded as Guangdong Quality and Efficiency Advanced Enterprises

2006 May, Obtained Guangdong Top 100 Private Enterprise.

2007, Gained National Civilization Unit in Mechanical Industry.

2008 Aug.,Won the Guangdong Top 100 Private Enterprise" again.

2008 Oct., Developed the ACSS with the advantages of energy-efficient, high capacity, low relaxation, weather resistant especially snow and ice etc.

2008 Dec., Recognized as Guangdong Cleaner Production Enterprise.

2009  April, Recognized as Well-known Chinese Trademark which is the 1st in Qingyuan.

2009 Aug., Developed ACSR 900/40, 900/75, 1000/45 with extra-high tensile, high conductivity & large cross-section, trapezoidal AAAC and EST(annealed super strength) ACSR means our Al conductors had reached the top standards in worldwide.

2009 Oct., Honored as The Most Independent Innovational Enterprise in

China and the 4th of Top 10 Growing Star of Innovation of Small & Medium Enterprises in China. In addition, the latter was ranking the 4th,

2010 Jan., Member of the Political Bureau & Secretary of Guangdong Party Committee, Wang Yang, encouraged Vango Cable to expand business scale and target at diversification & clustering based on technology innovation and allocation of resources.

2010 May, The special aerial conductor industrial innovation base was identified as New Industrialize Innovation Demonstration Base of Guangdong Small & Medium Enterprises

2010 July, Won the Guang Top 100 Private Enterprises again. Certified by GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008, GB/T28001-2001 OSHA & GB/T24001-2004 / ISO14001:2004.

2010 Oct., Organized the National Seminar of Technology & Application of New Aerial Conductors.

2010 Nov., Remarked as the Most Investment Valuable Enterprise by the Committee of the 3rd Financing Summit of Growing Enterprises and Promoting Abroad of Guangdong Small & Medium-sized Enterprise.

2011 May,Gained the Integrity Model Enterprise of 2010.

2011 Jun., Awarded Public Welfare Supporting Enterprise by local government and Pioneer of Branding Strategy.

2012 Feb.,  ACSR/TW gained the 2nd Prize of S&T Progress Award of Qingyuan.

2012 Jun., Awarded as Guangdong Demonstration Unit of Democratic Management.

2012 Dec., Gained the Quality Award of Qingyuan Government.

2013 Mar., Obtained Qingyuan Quality Pioneer Enterprise and Guangdong Demonstrative Base of Innovation Industrialization.

2013 Dec.,2013, Recognized as Government VIP Service Enterprise in Guangdong

2014 April, Recognized as Demonstrative Base of Innovation Industrialization again & Enterprise Integrity Model.

2014 Aug., Awarded as National Contract Observing & Credited Enterprise" and AAA Credit Rate of Small & Medium Enterprise of Guangdong.

2014 Oct., Developed 1250 series conductor and 3 types conductors were identified as national advanced.

2015 April, Build the production base of 60000T's special overhead conductors and was honored as Qingyuan Pioneer Unit of Quality Management.

2015 July, Awarded as Contract Observing and Credited Enterprise in 13th years.

2015 Oct., The R&D Center of special aerial conductor was accredited as Guangdong Engineering R&D Center 2016 Mar., Participated in the International Donation of Electricity Materials to Myanmar Project.

2016 July,  Awarded as Contract Observing and Credited Enterprise in 4th years.

2016 Oct., China Metrology Accreditation Certified.

2016 Dec., the R&D and Application of 1250mm² ACSR was awarded as TOP 100 Innovation of Chinese Small & Medium Enterprises.

Awarded as Excellent Unit of Chinese Small & Medium Enterprises.

2017 Jan., 0.6/1kV PVC cables was awarded as Guangdong Famous Brand.

2017 Feb., Awarded as Guangdong Clean Production Enterprise. ACSR/TW gained the 2nd prize of Scientific & Technological Progress Award of Qingyuan.

2017 Jun., Awarded as Standardizing Practice Enterprise of China and National Contract Observing & Credited Enterprise in the 15th year.

2017 Aug., Ranked as Top 100 of China Cable Industry.

2017 Nov., Recognized as High-tech Enterprise.

2017 Dec., Developed 3 new high-tech products: HDPE rat and termite proof cables, Al-Mg-Si AAAC, EHV Thermal Resistant ACSS

2018 Mar., Gained the Legal Model of Guangdong Enterprise

2018 May, Won the 3rd prize of Qingyuan Excellent QC Achievements.

2018 Jun., Awarded Integrity Model of Guangdong Enterprises in the 5th year, and Fastest Growing Unit of Small & Medium-sized Enterprises in Guangdong.

2018 Aug., Recognized as Top 100 Manufacturers in Guangdong.

2018 Dec., Recognized as the Top 20 Cable Manufacturers in Guangdong. PVC insulated cables up to 450/750v and ACSS gained Guangdong Famous Brand. Developed PV cables and electric vehicle charging cables.

2019 Jun., Award as Contract Observing and Credited Enterprise in the 17th year.

2019 July, Rated as AAA Credit Enterprise by China Association of Small & Medium-sized Enterprises.

2019 Aug., Won the Top 100 Innovative Enterprises of Guangdong.

2019 Sept., Recognized as the Growing Star of World Manufacturing Convention.