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Established in 1988, Guangdong Vango Cable Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the main subsidiaries of Vango Group. It’s a national High-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing electric cables.  As the Growing Star of World Manufacturing Convention, the vice chairman unit of China Association of Small & Medium Enterprise, 3 years Top 100 Private Enterprises of Guangdong, Vango Cable is the main supplier of electric cables and aerial cables to National Grid and China Southern Grid. 

Vango Cable were ranked as Top 20 in China among cable industry. The Technical Center was recognized as Provincial-level Laboratory. The R&D Center of special aerial conductor was accredited as Guangdong Engineering R&D Center. The special aerial conductor industrial innovation base was identified as New Industrialize Innovation Demonstration Base of Guangdong Small & Medium Enterprises. As the member of National Standardization Committee, Vango Cable dawned up more than 20 national and industrial standards of electric wires & cables.

The main products of Vango Cable are including 10 series, hundreds types and more than 3000 sizes which complying with IEC, BS, AS/NZS, ICEA, UL, ASTM, DIN VDE, NFC, GOST, JIS, HD as following.   

1, Electric wires and cables up to 450/750V 

2, 0.6/1kV insulated electric cables including fire resistant type and fire retardant type. 

3, XLPE insulated cables up to 35kV  

4, Insulated control cables up to 450/750V 

5, AAC, ACSR, ACSR/AW(Al coductor Al-clad steel reinforced), AAAC, AACSR(Aluminum alloy conductors steel reinforced), Thermal Resistant Aluminum Alloy Conductors, expanded conductor, Annealed trapezoidal al conductors steel supported (ACSS/TW) 

6, Insulated aerial cables up to 10kV 

7, 500kV~1100kV EHV Aluminum conductors, leading the R&D and manufacturing in China

8, 0.6/1kV flexible mineral insulated fire resistant cables 

9, Cables for railway tracks

10, Electric automobile charging cables

Targeting at long-term development, with the efforts on strengthening the superior brand strategy and innovation constantly, enhancing the quality and management rigorously, launching competitive new products with high-technology. Vango Cable has achieving rapid growing comprehensively, and exporting to Asian-Pacific, America, Middle-east, and Africa.    

Member of the Political Bureau & Secretary of Guangdong Party Committee, Wang Yang, encouraged Vango Cable to expand business scale and target at diversification & clustering based on technology innovation and allocation of resources in Jan. of 2010.  

Vango Group was founded by capital operation based on adusting industry structure and resources integration in recent years. The current business covers manufacturing, real estate, tourism, investment, finance and public welfare. Based on tech innovation and strictly scientific management, Vango Cable will build new EHV conductor manufacturing cluster to create more values for the world in the future.